There are 2 types of jackpots on our website:

  1. Makao Jackpot.
  2. EGT Mystery Jackpot.

Both jackpots accumulate and drop in Real Slots games.


This is a jackpot that drops out and accumulates in Real Slots. The basic principle of operation is as follows:

NameDrop rangeMinimum bet to participate
  • theoretically, the accumulated amount may exceed the end of the range, but for the users this should mean that the chance of winning will be at maximum probability.

All jackpot amounts are specified in currency of KZT.

The basic rule is that if the jackpot accumulation has reached the drop range, the jackpot draw begins. To take part in the draw, you only need to meet the conditions of the minimum bet. Just remember that the larger the amount of jackpot accumulation, the more likely it is to hit.

In case of victory, a congratulation notification with the jackpot amount will popup on the screen of the slot, amount of which will be credited to the slot balance immediately. The jackpot can drop on any Real slot, regardless of the model.


This is the internal jackpot of the EGT slot machine brand. In order to perceive whether a slot is participating in this programm, check if there is an additional button called Jackpot in the screen switching menu. By clicking on Jackpot button, you will see a broadcast of the screen with accumulatoin ammonts of the EGT mystery jackpot.