Loyalty system

Makao Casino stands out for its generous bonuses and cashbacks from its loyal customers. After completing full verification, the client gets full access to the Achievements system. Users can level up their profile and activate the issuance of coins that can be exchanged for lottery tickets with big cash prizes. For leveling up, customers receive good cashbacks, free spins and bonuses, which you can see in the table below:

XPCashbackFree spinsBonus

General rules of the loyalty system:

  1. When you play, you increase your level, earn bonus rewards and weekly cashback. One Makao coin gives 100 experience points.
  1. On the first day of every new month, the accumulated experience is reset back to zero, so hurry up to do it before the end of the current month.
  1. If there is no positive balance of experience on the first day of the month, the level will decrease.
  1. But you will not be able to lose the levels "Steel" and "Bronze" - they are fixed.